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At time of loss only.

We are introducing a new program for

Families who “Pre Paid" Too Much. It is very simple. You can now use the “Pre-Paid” contract you purchased somewhere else with us. Any fees above and beyond our low fees will be refunded to the family. Ask us for more details, call today! Please read the information below.


                     (941) 377-1060. 


 Restrictions apply. We are not a traditional funeral home, as a funeral service company we can only accept contracts that we are able to fulfill, call for more details.

We are not licensed to sell pre-paid contracts. No contracts are ever transferred to our firm. At time of loss families can cover expenses with cash, check, credit card, life insurance policy or a pre-paid contract from another firm. Any funeral establishment can process a pre-paid contract for payment from any properly licensed funeral establishment.

Our prices and this promotion offered are subject to change without notice.


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