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This program is designed for families who are solely focused on economy. There is no viewing or ceremony and if “In Home Arrangement Service” or cemetery arrangements or any additional services are not needed, this program may serve them well.


Here is how it works:

When a death occurs the basics of the arrangement conference is done by phone. We will gather death certificate information and start that process quickly. We will also obtain the medical examiner’s approval for the cremation (This is an additional outside expense of $35.00). Families will be advised of total expense and that our General Price List is always available on our web site.


Families can make an appointment and sign the cremation authorization, contract, and receive a copy of the General Price List for their retention or we can either e-mail or send by traditional mail a cremation authorization form, a General Price List and a contract with complete cost.


When the cremation authorization is signed (signature is required to be notarized) and the contract is signed, then the family returns these documents by mail with payment by check included, or credit card payment by phone. Families also have the option of  e-mailing these documents and making payment by credit card over the phone. Payment is required prior to the cremation taking place.


Death certificates will be mailed to your home in about 14 days or less. Cremated remains will be available in 14 days or less. Families will need to visit our office to receive the cremated remains. Cremated remains can also be sent within the United States via the United States Postal Service at an additional cost ($95.00) or deleivered locally at an additional cost ($75.00)


All documents must be completed and payment secured prior to a cremation taking place.


All our cremations are performed in Sarasota by Brasota Services Inc.


If you have questions call us at (941) 377-1060.

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